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Junior Academy U6 & U8

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The QSA Junior Academy is for boys and girls ages 4-7. The age groups are U6, 4-5 year olds, and U8, 6-7 year olds. This is a fun introduction to the game of soccer. These age groups are included in our summer camps.

Practice Activity
4v4v4 Continuous Play

U6 Jr Academy

Through creative and imaginative soccer-specific games, our program focuses on age-appropriate soccer skills. Your child will be learning the game in a fun and safe environment while developing an enjoyment for soccer.

Players will respond to positive encouragement. This approach is effective at all age groups, but especially for the youngest players.

Another goal of our program is to get your child active, build confidence, and interact positively with other children.

Teaching Method: Say, Show, Do, Review

U6 Session

U8 Jr Academy

Build upon what we learned in U6. Fun dribbling games is still the primary focus. We begin to introduce group activities, since children this age are capable of working in pairs and with small groups. Sessions will include basic passing activities and small-sided games. Learning the proper techniques of the fundamentals is extremely important at this age.

U8 Session


4v4 U6 & U8