1v1 is an integral part of the game. Regardless of position, players must be comfortable with 1v1, both attacking and defending. Any time a player has the ball anywhere on the field and there is a defender in front of him / her that is a 1v1 situation. Players must recognize when it is best to pass away from pressure or take on the defender. Creating a 2v1 is not always an option depending on the landscape of that particular moment.

1v1 Practice Session

1v1 should and needs to be a part of every practice session. There are many dribbling activities without defenders to help players develop 1v1 ability. There are many elements involved in both attacking and defending.

– Change pace
– Use deception
– Keep ball within touching distance

– Apply pressure / Side-on
– Contain / Hold

Click the images below to view the 1v1 activities. Coaches can begin as early as the U6 age group. The concepts / principles are more complex as players get older, but there are basics that are taught to U6 players that still apply for HS age players.